San Diego County Open for Business: What to Expect

San Diego County Open for Business: What to Expect

California seemed to be hit hard by COVID, are we starting to see the light?

California has been through a lot this year – one of those things being the COVID-19 pandemic. As a California resident, you do not need us to outline everything you have been through in the last seven or eight months, 2020 has not been a good year. That said, this autumn is seeing a bit of a transition and yes, we are starting to see the light in San Diego.

San Diego County is Open for Business

Although San Diego County lived in a state of uncertainity, San Diego County is opening for business. The only activities still limited at this time are live festivals, movie theaters, nightclubs, and saunas. This is great news for restaurants, retail shops, beauty salons, museums, bars, and recreational businesses, like bowling alleys.

How to Prepare, What to Expect

It is difficult to know where things will be in a few months in terms of the number of COVID cases as well as our area’s economic recovery. That said, it is important to remain optimistic about businesses in the northern San Diego area – there is plenty to celebrate. However, with such uncertainty, you do not want to take any more major financial hits so planning and making educated choices is important. While your business can begin to run again, even if at limited capacity, write down your learnings and come up with a plan. Don’t know where to start? An experienced, local business advisor can help with that.

During COVID-19, businesses had to get creative. Did you have to establish a delivery service you never needed before? Did you re-evaluate your inventory by what was most needed during this season? Did you update or upgrade your marketing strategies? Do you have a new customer base? Whatever it may be, you did what was necessary to stay afloat. All we are saying is...remember that; don’t change that. If it works, it will continue to work.

We are going to remain optimistic about what the future will hold, but we will also be prepared. If you would like to get ahead of it, come up with a plan, and be ready for anything, contact Transworld San Diego North today!