Your Business is worth a Broker

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Your Business is Worth a Broker!

As you can see from the US Census map above, North Carolina was one of the top states as a home destination for many people across the country over these last two years. Lower crime and greater safety creates an environment where businesses and communities thrive.
Guidant Financial talked with business owners and found that in 2022 the majority (58.98%) of businesses were independent, non-franchise businesses. Specifically, 31.76% of respondents started their businesses by purchasing an existing independent turnkey location.
Let us partner with you in handling the Business Valuation, strategic and confidential marketing, buyer vetting process, deal structure, attorney and landlord relationships and walk with you all the way to the closing table.
Small business drives 46.8% of private workforce employment and has been the backbone of the COVID recovery. According to the Guidant Financial survey, less than a quarter of small businesses furloughed or laid-off employees. Small business is the lifeblood of America. People are moving to NC and buying businesses. Here is why YOU need a business broker.
During a business acquisition earlier this year, we worked with 32 attorneys and guided the buyer through three sets of due diligence periods in order to get the deal closed. The process of working with multiple attorneys, accountants, lenders, possible landlords, real estate issues and multiple buyers in a nuanced and complex procedure requiring professional advisement .
Businesses are valued all the way up to the closing table. There cannot be a drop off in revenue, profits, staffing and the assortment of other business systems that keep the business attractive to potential buyers and lenders. In other words, the business owner needs to keep their hands on the plow and stay fully engaged in the business while our team is taking care of every detail in getting the business sold.
Common Sense
Think about the different professional advisors in your life. From an attorney to take care of your legal matters, to your accountant that handles every detail during tax season, to the best surgeon, and many others whenever the job requires professional guidance. The complexities of a business transaction are nuanced and extremely complex. A business sale requires daily and constant guidance in order for the deal to move forward. The sale of your business is too serious and too complex for a “DYI-Mindset.”
In many of our routine business transactions, the typical deal may only require one or two points of negotiations. Business deals are much different as points of consultation and may require 7-10 points of negotiations that each time might leave money on the table for the seller. As multiple buyers keep moving to NC and searching for businesses, we are prepared to handle the negotiations with each one. Our job is to bring you the best buyer that meets your specific needs.
Not everyone has had to deal with deal structures, valuations of inventory and other business assets, seller financing options, works in progress, knowing what should and shouldn’t be shared during due diligence and a host of other multi-layered aspects of getting a business sold. Our professional business brokers will guide you along the way, pointing out potential pitfalls, while continuing to educate you as to what is coming next in the process. Having representation that has “been there” gives you as the business owner much needed confidence and peace of mind.
As a business owner, you may have been putting off selling or you have thoughts about it but have yet to take the first steps. Transworld is able to walk you through each nuanced step of selling your business, let's start a relationship today. Give us a call and let us perform a valuation on your business. Our team is happy to follow up with you and let know how to get started.