Raleigh Business Brokers - Number To Know

Raleigh Business Brokers - Number To Know

For years we have been hearing that Baby Boomers are retiring and that they will be selling their business. Approximately 12,000,000 small businesses are owned by Baby Boomers. Retirement, health and no family members wanting to run the family business means only one thing.

Baby Boomer will need to choose between closing the doors or selling their businesses. Make sure that you have an accurate business valuation for your Raleigh business.

Since 2013 the number of small businesses sold has risen more than 30%. This may not seem like a huge percentage growth but if this trend continues you can see the trajectory in another 10-15 years.

Business brokers in Raleigh may want to follow these trends over the next few years to better serve business owners in Raleigh.

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