Raleigh Business Broker

Raleigh Business Broker

Raleigh Business Broker

So you are thinking about selling your business?  Your Raleigh business broker will be walking you through the following steps of confidentially selling your business.

·      Valuation

·      Confidential Marketing

·      Buyer/Seller Meeting

·      Offer

·      Due Diligence

·      Legal/Accounting/Landlord

·      Closing

Raleigh is a very hot business market and business sellers are reaping the benefit for the years of their tough work. Transworld business brokers typically are able to bring their clients a 30% increased profit. Transworld Business Advisors has 40 years of experience of selling a business.

Choosing A Used Car Salesman VS. Surgeon

Transworld Business Advisors is not a discount/cheap business brokerage. Owners that are promised the moon and given unmanageable brokerage rates are not happy when their businesses have not sold after a year of being listed.

Is selling your business closer to buying a used car or choosing a surgeon for a loved one? Many business owners refer to their business as their baby but some unwisely approach the sale of their business with a used car mentality.

Trust the sale of your business to the best business brokerage, not the cheapest. Transworld Business Advisors has defined and shaped the business selling industry now as the number one business brokerage in the world.

Raleigh Business Broker

Many business owners and business buyers are first-timers. They have never sold a business or bought a business and the process of doing both is nuanced and difficult. On average 50% of business sales fall through because the process is difficult and requires intense handholding daily to move the deal along.

A trusted Raleigh business broker has experience and resources to move the deal to close. Often, attorneys, accountants, inventory specialists, and landlords can kill deals. An experienced business broker has years of experience dealing with the issues that arise during each step of the business closing.

If you are considering selling your business contact us today.