Mergers & Acquisitions In Raleigh

Mergers & Acquisitions In Raleigh

Mergers And Acquisitions

$15.5 billion in business mergers and acquisitions transactions occurred in the Raleigh region in 2017. Raleigh businesses continue to attract regional, national and international business buyers. As a global leader in business acquisitions and divestitures, Transworld Business Advisors stands ready to help business owners with their confidential exit strategies.

With $3.5 billion in active listing inventory, TBA is the worlds largest and most trusted name in the acquisition industry. Transworld has offices in 16 countries and international regions that stand ready to help with international transactions when called upon.

A business sale of any size requires sophistication, knowledge and professionalism that Transworld clients have come to expect over the last 40 years of our firm. we offer distinct services that include valuations, strategic alliances, transaction structure and strategic negotiations to benefit our clients highest interests.

We have a designated Mergers and Acquisitions team that stands ready to help businesses nationwide. Our database of potential business buyers is over 10,000 strong as investors have placed their trust in Transworld Business Advisors now for decades.

Mergers And Acquisitions In Raleigh

What qualifies your business for a merger and acquisition transaction?

  • When your businesses earning have grown to more than $1 million. Business this size or greater often become targets for industry players.
  • When your business has grown to the size that it is no longer feasible for one person to finance the transaction.
  • When a business is experiencing incredible growth, larger companies may seek to roll up smaller firms rather than compete with them and lose market share.
  • A CEO may want to grow his business faster and capital isn't currently available. Savvy business owners may desire to retain some equity of his company while raising funds for further growth.

It is critical that the business owner understands their goals and options. Future growth, retirement, exit strategy, raising capital or owner benefits are all motivators that need to be articulated with a trusted advisor that will keep these goals at the center of all negotiations and contract proposals.

Valuations For Mergers And Acquisitions

Transworld is one of the largest and most successful business sales organizations in the nation. We work our mergers and acquisitions different because of our national and worldwide platform.

  • We are able to create competition for your business to get you the highest price.
  • We are able to vet qualified buyers prior to the open market.
  • Qualifying buyers, allows you to only meet with the most interested buyers.
  • Confidentiality is a constant priority throughout the sale.

Each year there are hundreds of businesses for sale in Raleigh. These mergers and acquisitions are lead by trusted professionals that bring expertise, innovation, creativity, and perseverance to the relationship. As a trusted merger and acquisition advisor, Transworld Business Advisors brings forty years of experience to every negotiation.

Negotiating Mergers And Acquisitions

Transworld has an in-house rigorous training program to refine and sharpen negotiating skills. The majority of firms representing mergers and acquisitions are primarily focused on buyers. Transworld Business Advisors believes that sellers need an expert on their side.

Merger and Acquisition deals never end, they are ongoing and can be excruciating at times. Business sellers need an expert team that holds their best interests in mind. Corporate mergers and acquisitions are complex with many deals unraveling during due diligence, renegotiations and endless contractional additions. The skill and expertise required on behalf of the seller's goals and concerns should be steered by their trusted business advisor.

Mergers and Acquisitions require precision and an experienced skill set. The crucible of deal-making over the decades has sharpened the leadership of Transworld Business Advisors so that you can rest assured of their ability to represent your business. Call us today for an initial conversation and to set up a face to face consultation.

I look forward to meeting you and working with you as your trusted business broker. - Steve Wright 919.379.5776