Business Broker Near Me

Business Broker Near Me Raleigh

Business Broker Near Me?

Is searching for a business broker near me the best approach to finding a quality business broker? For most business owners, finding a business broker is a new experience, and finding the one closest to you may not be the highest deciding factor with selection.

Find A Quality Business Broker

Not all business brokers are created equally in terms of the quality representation that they provide for their clients. We learned this the hard way, years ago when we were going to buy a business in Raleigh. Our experience was so bad that we ultimately decided that we would fill this void of professional business brokerage services here in the Raleigh market.

When you are considering using the services of a business broker, here are a few things that I would suggest.

1. Interview the business brokers that you are considering using.

2. What do others say about the business broker that you are thinking about using. Read their Google Reviews.

3. Ask your business broker to send you their weekly marketing newsletters. How are they staying in front of buyers in your local market?

4. Use a business broker that other business owners trust and are using. A business broker with only 4 or 5 business listings may try to convince you that they will have more time to devote to your listing but there may be other reasons that business owners aren't using him.

5. Relational Capital - Does the business broker that you are considering build relationships well? One place that you can research them is by reviewing their LinkedIn profile for activity etc.

I'd Like To Help YOU

I'd like to help you if you are thinking about selling your business as well. My name is Tina Wright and I own Transworld Business Advisors of Raleigh along with my husband. Our business brokerage firm serves our clients with three core values:

  • Treat People With Dignity
  • Be Truth Tellers
  • Work HARD

Selling a business is a serious consideration. Let's grab a cup of coffee so that I can meet you and learn more about your incredible entrepreneurial story! My 10 Commandments of Selling a Business

  • Selling your business is as much about emotions as it is numbers
  • Selling your business requires truth-tellers, not hype
  • Selling your business requires doing the hard work upfront
  • Selling your business requires spotting hurdles early because no business is perfect
  • Selling your business requires daily check-ins with buyers and seller
  • Selling your business requires a seasoned professional
  • Selling your business requires a Ph.d in problem-solving
  • Selling your business requires confidential marketing
  • Selling your business requires grit
  • Selling your business requires a sweet southern accent to calm tensions that will always arise:)