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Business Broker Success

Our clients ask us how our team has become so successful and our answer is always underwhelming.

1. We treat people with respect and dignity.

2. We are truth-tellers.

3. We work hard for our clients.

When you see the results that we have had you want to believe that we must have some special secret that separates us from the other business brokers. I do feel that being a female in a male-dominated industry like business brokerage is a huge advantage because of the number of details required to cover in each transaction.

Business Broker Services

If you are considering selling a business, here are 5 things you may want to find in the business brokers that represent you and your business.

1. Find a business broker that is closing a lot of deals. Most business brokers only close 4-5 deals a year on average and if you find someone closing 50+ deals each year, that business broker will have a lot more buyers to potentially purchase your business.

2. Find a business broker that has strong emotional and business intelligence. Every business acquisition has issues along the way. Having a business broker that has weathered many storms and faced many challenges and has the fortitude to get deals done will be a huge advantage for you.

3. Find a business broker that will do the hard work and heavy lifting upfront. Every business acquisition ends up in a period called "due diligence" and it is here that attorneys, accountants, lenders and others will squeeze your business's financials and other nuances. 

4. Find a business broker that will tell you the TRUTH about the value of your business. A lot of business brokers will tell you anything just to get your listing. Find a business broker that will tell you the truth!

5. Finding a business broker that is an expert marketer. Ask your business broker to show you all the ways beyond simply listing it on websites that they will use to sell your business. Ask you to view their marketing newsletters, printouts etc.

Helping You

I'd like to help you if you are thinking about selling your business as well. My name is Tina Wright and I own Transworld Business Advisors of Raleigh along with my husband. Our business brokerage firm serves our clients with three core values:

  • Treat People With Dignity
  • Be Truth Tellers
  • Work HARD

Selling a business is a serious consideration. Let's grab a cup of coffee so that I can meet you and learn more about your incredible entrepreneurial story! My 10 Commandments of Selling a Business

  • Selling your business is as much about emotions as it is numbers
  • Selling your business requires truth-tellers, not hype
  • Selling your business requires doing the hard work upfront
  • Selling your business requires spotting hurdles early because no business is perfect
  • Selling your business requires daily check-ins with buyers and seller
  • Selling your business requires a seasoned professional
  • Selling your business requires a Ph.d in problem-solving
  • Selling your business requires confidential marketing
  • Selling your business requires grit
  • Selling your business requires a sweet southern accent to calm tensions that will always arise:)