2018 National Small Business Week

2018 National Small Business Week

National Small Business Week has arrived and while we like to think we celebrate small business every day here at Transworld - we can always use a good reason to cheer on the small businesses community in Colorado!


This week we will be sharing quotes about small business straight from the team members who work with them every day and have many years of experience themselves as small business owners.


Our second quote comes from a Business Broker with Transworld - Rocky Mountain, John Woodhull. John’s work experience began in finance related positions with large corporate enterprises in telecommunications, wealth management, and the defense contracting industry. In 2005, John took the opportunity to establish his own small business, which he ended up selling through Transworld in 2017.


Having run his own business for 12 years, John understands the rewards and challenges involved in business ownership and development. At Transworld his focus is on helping small business sellers realize their return on investment. In his free time, John likes to spend time with his wife and four sons in the great Colorado outdoors!




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